Artifacts of a Digital Life

Today, I peered into three hard drives that have been sitting still for two years.  Contained within are photos spanning all the way back to my first digital camera.  I am overwhelmed by the memories.  And I'm sad I hadn't documented more before this digital life began.

One thing I found is this video I made as a little tribute to our dog, Lily.  I forgot I made it.  It documents our daily ritual.  There's nothing remarkable about it, but it is from about six months before my wife became pregnant with our little girl.  Life was very different on that day.

The song is by Adelaide, who are a complete mystery to me.  I found their EP online years ago, and due to it's position in the alphabet, and my general "sure, let's listen to that one" decision on many early mornings, I have listened to this EP a lot.  The mood fits the footage and the way I feel right now like nothing else could.  If you make it past the end of the song, the close up wide shots of Lily make me laugh.