Andy Kaufman & Jerry Garcia


Jerry and Andy each only made one movie.  And they did it together!  Heartbeeps (1981) stars Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as robots finding love.  Jerry's guitar plays the voice of their robot baby.  And Henny Youngman's jokes are told by a robot names Catskil throughout.  It pays to watch the credits!

The movie was a flop, and killed Andy's movie career plans, but I liked it.  It's always nice to find a movie you didn't know about, especially when it has Randy Quaid offering a bag of beer.  A young Christopher Guest makes an appearance in a junkyard alongside Melanie Mayron (Thirtysomething).  And Paul Bartel & Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul) play their recurring husband and wife roles for a few minutes, too.  Overall, it's kind of a kid movie, but I guess I'll never grow up.  Netflix win.